Delete encryption keys from Joplin Cloud

I know this has been covered at length in a now-closed post, hence the new one.

I am a newbie and have a PC and 2 iOS devices. Basically I was stupid and didn't read the encryption instructions so ended up with 3 keys! So I've read the whole of the aforementioned post for a solution but can't find one for me.

I have deleted both the iOS apps and the Windows app. I then reinstall the Windows app and I have no encryption keys, which is good. But I am using Joplin Cloud and as soon as I sync my Windows app with that it's pulling down the old keys. What I can't figure out is how to delete these keys from Joplin Cloud. I tried the "Re-upload local data to sync target" option but that didn't work.

FYI, since I am a new user, I have no data to worry about.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated.

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You don't need to delete these keys, you can simply disable them and they'll be out of view. To do this, go to Configuration > Encryption and click on "Disable" next to the key. If that doesn't work, please provide a screenshot of that screen.

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