Remove Joplin Cloud header from published notes

Hi all,

I am looking to use Joplin Cloud to host a low-traffic website for my university program. Historically, I have used GitLab Pages, but training students and other faculty on git is, well, challenging.

Without self-hosting Joplin Server, is there any way I can customize the header at the top of the published page? The header links to Joplin Cloud account manager which will show "forbidden" for the majority of my users.

Many thanks!

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There's some info about this in a previous post...


To be honest, as a paying user I find it quite annoying to not have a UI option to disable this easily. I think you should be able to disable the header and footer and/or be able to define your own (maybe with your company logo?).

We'll look into implementing this


Hi all,

Im using the 'publish note...' feature for my small business & an option to remove the Joplin banner would be amazing! Quick question from a Joplin Cloud (Pro Plan) user:

What functionality is entailed by "customize the note publishing banner", listed in Cloud Pro features (joplinapp,org/plans)?
There's no obvious option to customize and/or remove the Joplin banner/header (as suggested in this thread) on the desktop app. Appreciate your insight on what's implemented in the current version, relating to this listed feature :briefcase: :handshake:

If you go to, and to your profile, you will have the banner options at the bottom of the page:

It allows you to customise the banner but it doesn't currently allow you to remove it.

Does this work in the self-hosted Joplin server as well?

No. I am using Server v2.13.5 and the custom note banner feature is not present.

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