Remove server published banner

Is it possible to remove the banner for a single user self-hosted server when publishing a note? I cannot find any settings for it (maybe i'm just missing something).

I mean, I definitely don't mind the banner or the copyrights, I am asking because I don't want it to link to the homepage of my server. It would be fine if it would like to or something or to nothing and link the copyright footer to or something. But now I get too many people clicking that banner and then trying to login. That cannot be good, can it?

I think it is important to leave the header and footer in. IMHO.

But. I sometimes subdue it when I am presenting a document to other people. So, I encourage you to leave it as is except for certain circumstances where you want them to appear more as a watermark. This is how I do it. Add this between <style> tags in your markdown document, or stick in in a .css file and import it when you need it...

/* Subdue the top-header branding */ nav.navbar { opacity: 15%; }

/* Subdue the JoplinCloud footer */ > div.footer { opacity: 50%; }

Now, I am using the paid-for JoplinCloud service. If you are self-hosting and all that, I feel less evangelical, and you could do a display: none; in there instead of the opacity settings. Do what you feel makes you the most comfortable.


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