Joplin Server customization

When sharing notes via the web on a self hosted Joplin Server (v2.13.3) is there an ability to customize the HTML/CSS of the shared link?

@sdenike welcome to the forum.

If you are referring to published notes then you can add a stylesheet to the beginning of the note itself and that will be reflected in that published note.

For instance a note containing this:

h1.title {color: magenta; font-size: 60px !important;}
body {font-size: 10px; color: blue;}
table th,table tr,table td {font-size: 20px; color: red; border: 1px solid green;} nav.navbar {opacity:0.5;}
/* Top-header */
p.last-updated {opacity:0.5;}
/* Updated date */ > div.footer {opacity:0.5;}
/* Footer */

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet laboris dolore sit proident do consequat proident, non cillum Lorem velit qui eiusmod cupidatat aute ipsum. Lorem veniam aute velit laboris ut sunt non minim.

| Head A | Head B |
| ------ | ------ |
| Row 1A | Row 1B |
| Row 2A | Row 2B |

Cupidatat quis laborum adipisicing aliqua officia esse laborum magna reprehenderit eiusmod adipisicing irure proident voluptate adipisicing velit id excepteur tempor ipsum consectetur aute pariatur.

when published produces this awful mess:

Thanks for sharing that, certainly an option on a per note basis but I was looking for more of a way to edit the entire template of the page across the board. Happen to be able to point me in that direction of where to look if at all even possible?

Afraid not. I believe that Joplin Cloud lets you globally modify the banner / logo, but as for modifying how Joplin Server displays published notes I have no idea.

Thanks, I will poke around on the server to see if I can figure out the location and the files. Would love to see that option brought over to Joplin Server eventually.