Recover my note after bug clearing it

I do not want to report the bug here as I reported it in Github. However, I need help with recovering a note which was cleared (body was cleared) after the bug.

I have the Joplin iOS mobile app and also the Desktop version on Ubuntu.
Pre-problem: Two of my notes were not decrypted on the Desktop app and it was showing “encrypted” as their names. I could see those notes on my mobile app. I did sync both devices to my Nextcloud server and still no help. I tried to put the encryption key in the Desktop app and the key is fine but still those two notes were not showing. All other notes were decrypted and I could see their content.
I decided to make a copy of those two notes on my mobile app and then sync and hopefully get the copied version to the Desktop app and see if encryption works. First, I tried the copying functionality on a non-important note. By pressing and holding on the note, a copy button appears on top right of screen (on mobile app) and then click copy. The action will create another note with same name as original note adding “(1)” to the name/title. The content should be similar. This worked on the non-important note and then after syncing with nextcloud and then syncing the Desktop app with Nextcloud, I could see both notes on the Desktop app as expected. Then I tried to do the same for those two notes that I had problem with. I copied both notes on mobile app and did the sync process. However, on the mobile app, all 4 notes (2 original and 2 copies) were empty. The titles were there but whole body text was gone. Then after few seconds one of the notes and its copy somehow got the body content. But I still do not have the content of the other note. The Desktop app is synced to this state and has still original notes (showing only encrypted as their titles) and the copied are empty similar to mobile app.
I would need help to get the content of that note.
Desktop app: Joplin-1.0.193.AppImage

Have you tried updating the desktop version to 1.0.197? There’s been a small handful of updates since that fixed some encryption issues like the one you experienced.

Thanks for the tip. I have not updated the Desktop app yet. Would that help with the note I lost? Because before any changes, I will to make sure to recover the note first.

If you’ve lost it completely, you probably won’t retrieve it if you have no backup of it. But, the update should help keep the issue from happening again

Well I am hoping I have not lost it completely :slight_smile: Assuming the content is removed, there should be a history I guess on Nextcloud. The problem is, I cannot get to that history. Maybe @laurent would know better.

I tried the desktop version 1.0.197 and it was able to decrypt the remaining files properly. Thanks for that. But yeah, The note that I am trying to recover is still empty

On the desktop app, you can try the note history to see if the content was saved to it. Press the Info button in the toolbar.

Tried that after the incident but there was no other version in the drop-down menu. I am more hoping that there is something saved in Nextcloud by the app. But I do not really understand how does this “keep note history for” (for me is 90 days) work there.

There’s no known bug in Joplin that would clear the content of a note when it’s being copied, you’re the only one with this issue. So most likely it’s something else, maybe you closed the app quickly before the note was auto-saved, or you duplicated the wrong note, etc. We can’t know anything without clear steps to replicate the issue.

Let’s forget about the bug which caused the issue. Is there any other way to recover the note which was cleared? Considering that I already tried the Desktop app note history and there is no history visible from there.
What does “keep note history for x days” do? If the bug cleared the note, I guess there should be another version of the note with the content. Or somehow the bug caused the whole history to be cleared?

I guess you read the doc about the note history feature already. Is there something missing or not clear about it?

Let me explain. I made a note and added content over time (days). Now, there are different revisions of the note in question saved and synced between devices. The copying action cleared the content of the note. Now I need to go back to the previous version of the note. Using the Desktop app, it shows no revision. Does this mean all the revisions are also deleted? Is there a way to manually search for revisions to confirm if they exist or not?