Recording voice notes and storing them

We need a button to record voice, which could be very useful for many people. Currently, the way of adding attachments is too complicated. Thank you.


Hi, considering the advanced state of handwritten notes function in Joplin I think that this may remain the only missing "big" feature that could consecrate Joplin as better note-taking app ever.
In particular, being such a function useful especially from mobile, it would be great if it was possible to add a voice note with one tap from Joplin mobile apps.
It would be useful the possibility to create voice notes as a separate note types (like the existing differentiation between "regular" notes and todos), AND to simply record an audio to add into a regular note.
Of course having also a speech-to-text integration would be killer, but I understand that this might involve the need of a speech-to-text ai engine and I don't think it's simple to implement.
However I hope this feature request doesn't die. Such a function, together with handwriting function, might open unexpected scenarios, like the possibility to use an old tablet with Joplin installed as a "smart family board" to attach on a refrigerator :smiley:


Might the text to speech function of every mobile device I know be a way to solve this?

If you're capturing spoken word in a clear room with only one speaker, sure

But add in any detail that isn't the pure text (eg recording song snippets), a noisy environment (eg a cafe or any room with multiple conversations), or multiple speakers (eg for recording a meeting directly to know who said what word for word) and you're going to lose some information, accuracy or both

A voice note function is a pretty major feature not well emulated by anything else other than recording elsewhere and adding as an attachment which I agree is a little too cumbersome to be very user friendly...


On other aspect. Just think it's all implemented flawlessly, and you start recording your voice notes. After a while you have a hundred or two. If you didn't do at recording time what Google does for you with vids (name it, tag it, summarize it, provide etc etc). How will you ever find the one voice note you need three months later ? By it's name ?

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I agree that a simple way to record voice clips would be very useful indeed. Not voice notes, nor STT support, just a voice clip attachment. It could be limited to one or two minutes per clip, compressed with OPUS (FOSS library).

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This. Maybe in the comment above I didn't explain myself in the best way, but to be clear what you said is the most important feature I would like in Joplin: the possibility record an audio note, or to add an audio element into a regular note. Of course if there was an STT it would be great, but I understand the implications.