Re-encrypt procedure?

Hi! After the latest update, apparently I did something wrong. I synch my notes via DropBox and a Windows device and an Android device.
On the Android, I was prompted to "press to set the decryption password", which I did, which then started a 15 hour re-encrypting of my notes. I let that finish synching, but it still says "Press to set the decrypting password".
I then updated my Windows device to 1.2.6. When I went to synch, it prompted also to enter my encryption password, so I did, and it also re-encrypted all my notes, also taking 15 hours. It shouldn't have re-encrypted all files, should it?

I want to verify that I am going down the right path, and avoid another 15 hour re-encryption session.

Is there a way to enter the password and cancel out of a 15 hour re-encryption? Does the app tell you that the password is not correct, or does it just go ahead and start re-encrypting with whatever password you type in (maybe it was wrong at first)?

Thanks for your help.

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