RDF support: add linked data / schema.org / rdf as markup into notes

Goal: allow users to paste data encoded in schema.org / rdf into notes. Data can be about things, people, projects, photos, music, relationships, movies, a diary, gps locations (but generally, anything that can be expressed in RDF).


  • Encode the RDF as turtle or N3 string
  • Find a good escape prefix and postfix for this RDF part
  • Ask @Francoispaulservant on #linkedopendata on gitter, he was working on some RDF in MD
  • Generate Testdata using https://technicalseo.com/tools/schema-markup-generator/
  • Render the RDF as S-P-O resource-tree when rendering the page
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BTW, I plan to contribute somehow

Such RDF Renderer could be implemented to render ```N3 .
It could be a “Joplin Plugin” like the one for KaTeX

I noticed that json-LD is probably the contemporary(*) format as of 2020 to encode RDF.
So my proposal should say “Encode the RDF as json-LD

(*) Some years ago, Tim Berners-Lee and folks like me on freenode/#swig channel used turtle/N3 a lot as a simple way to hand-write linked data/rdf.