Quick search and selection of a notebook name or keyword

How can I search for a notebook name or keyword in a large hierarchy?

So far I can obviously only search for notes (headline and content), but not within the hierarchy of all notebook names, right?

I have a very large number of themed notebooks that are hierarchically structured. By default, I only display the top level of the notebooks in the sidebar to keep track of them. However, if I want to create a new note, I need to quickly find the right subnotebook. It would help me a lot if there was a way to search for a notebook name or keyword within the sidebar.

But there is another problem with my standard top-level collapsed notebooks when I want to quickly create new notes on a topic. If I currently no longer know exactly in which notebook I had previously saved a topic, I search for a term from an already saved note. If I get a hit, select this old note. However, unfortunately the hierarchy does not open up to the respective notebook. Additionally, the note found does not show the complete notebook path (e.g. “Notebook root / Sub notebook / Sub notebook / …”). So I always have to unfold and scroll the whole hierarchy with all sub-notebooks to find the selected notebook after selecting a search hit. Only then can I estimate whether it is the right notebook for the new note. With the increasing number of notebooks in the hierarchy it becomes more and more time-consuming to find the right subnotebook and to enter new notes in the right place.

on android you can quickly choose the right folder from the dropdown but not from the desktop version.

You can use Goto Anything... (Cmd+G) and use @ followed by the notebook name.

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There’s still a problem with that because when you select the notebook from the GoTo Anything results it doesn’t open it in the note hierarchy in the sidebar.

You seem to be using an old version. This was fixed a while back.

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Yes, apologies, it does work from GoTo Anything. I was getting confused with the behaviour when, having found a note using Search, you click on the Notebook name in the toolbar: it lists all the notes in the notebook but doesn’t open the notebook in the hierarchy. If the notebook is some levels down in the hierarchy and the hierarchy is collapsed you need to guess which top level and sub levels to open.

Thanks for the tip. The “Goto Anything…” Feature of the desktop version I did not know yet. This feature speeds up the search and the quick jump into a notebook a lot. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the same function in the iOS app yet, which I also use intensively.

But I’m also very grateful for the obviously new feature in the desktop version 1.0.160, when selecting a “Goto Anything” search hit (either a notebook name or a note title) it now immediately opens the complete parent structure in the sidebar to the corresponding subnotebook. With the additionally introduced differentiated layout for subordinate notebooks based on depth, navigation at this point is now much easier. Thanks for that!

However, it would still be very helpful if in future this automatic unfolding of the superordinate structure and marking of the subnotebook would also work when selecting a note from the hit list of the normal search function or when pressing the “In: {Notebookname}” button of the currently displayed note.

It would also be nice if all these very helpful search and navigation features could also be integrated into the iOS App!

Is the “Goto Anything…” search function already planned for the iOS App?

It would really be a big simplification and time saving when using many subordinate notebooks!

Why was my feature request #1908 (“Goto Anything…” in iOS App) on Github closed after one day without any reason or comment???

Is the feature already implemented in the iOS App and just not released yet or will there never be this feature?

I think it’s because the issue tracker is only for accepted feature requests - it needs to have been approved here basically. Personally I have no plan to work on this, and unless you find someone willing to look into it, it probably won’t be approved.