See notes from multiple notebooks

Thanks for a great program. Here is a feature that I would love to see . . . .

I use hierarchical notebooks. Often it is useful to see a list of all the notes related to an upper-level notebook, for perusal or for exporting.
There are several ways of initiating this:

  1. Right-click a notebook that has other notebooks under it, and choose “Show all lower-level notes”
  2. Do a Control-click on each notebook so multiple note books will be selected.

Example of method 2:
NotebookA has subNotebooks named NotebookA1, NotebookA2, NotebookA3. Control-click each of these notebooks. All the notes that they contain should be listed.



is there any opinion about this topic so far? I also would love to display notes of subnotebooks. Asked in this question.
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