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Hi Community,
we are going to apply for the GSoC student slots next week, soon we know what can be done this season.
To put us in a comfortable position it would be appreciated if there would another handful of people who would mentor a project.

Is there anyone interested in doing so?


Here is some information about the role of a mentor:

After student selection

  • Ensure your student is ready & active. They should have a dev environment, be regularly communicating in the community, and have prepared a project plan together with you.
  • Read the GSoC Mentoring Manual and ask questions if you have them.
  • If the student is not active during the community bonding period, please contact the organization administrators.

During the program

  • Help your student be successful. Commit to spending 3-4 hours each week answering questions, giving advice, working with your student on blockers.
  • Agree with the students how many times per week they should write a progress report. Ensure that they deliver this report on time each week, and evaluate their progress.
  • You might have adjust goals based on their progress.

Does it make sense at all if you are not a programmer and do not know the code base of Joplin so deeply?

In general code review can be done by me or someone familiar with the app if necessary. Also the fact that most projects are plugins means it will be new code so you don't need a deep understanding of the existing code base.

A mentor mainly should check the student's progress, guide them when they are stuck, ensure that their goals are realistic, etc.

OK, I could imagine doing this.

so you would need a Gmail address so that we can invite you.
If you don't have one, can you create one and send it to @Mentors