Help with the restore process on Windows and OneDrive after formatting PC

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I'm afraid of the restore process after formatting.

When I first migrated to Joplin last year, the migration from Evernote was traumatic, not because of Joplin, but because of the sync target (OneDrive). I still had around 2000 attachment conflicts, but that's for another day.

Today I formatted my PC, and need to restore Joplin. The backups I have are in the following forms:

  • a 1-file big backup created by the Backup plugin (all_notebooks.jex);
  • the files residing in OneDrive;
  • manual copies of the local files, including the database, config files and resources (attachments), according to the list I provided in the attached txt (on the log upload button, but it's not a log; it's a file list, is that OK?).

I just installed Joplin 2.14.22 and removed the five initial notes.

So, my questions:

  1. How do you recomend me to restore my data?
  2. What if I wanted this time to encrypt them? They're bare because of the difficulties I encountered with OneDrive; someone said I would need to resync them all if I were to encrypt them, and my existing data at the point (from Evernote) was already gigantic.

Log file

joplin.txt (16.1 KB)

To 1.: The simplest way is to set up synchronization again
To 2.: In your case, after everything has synchronized properly, the encryption should be activated afterwards, but then all elements must be transferred again

P.S.: If the jex is imported, you will have a all notes as duplicates if you do not delete everything from the sync target in advance!


P.S.: If the jex is imported, you will have a all notes as duplicates if you do not delete everything from the sync target in advance!

My God, good to know! I'm so glad I asked this before proceeding!
So, in that case, the Backup plugin is kinda of less effective, or am I missing something? I thought backups were all about preventing hassles, and having dupes of each element would be a helluva hassle!

@JackGruber I forgot to mention you when I sent the last post; I guess when we add the mention upon editing, you don't get wind of it (I don't know how this board app works).
But tell me: I followed your advice and set up the sync with OneDrive. Took more than a day, but it fininshed. But, what if I restored the backup just after I installed Joplin, to have all the files here, and then set the sync with OneDrive just to have it checked, but not paired? Would it work just the same? :smile:

I am not active every day.

The Jex Backup is more a desaster recovery when you have messed up your sync target or deleted all notes.

As soon as the sync target is reconnected, everything is duplicated.
Here is a brief description of why this is the case.

I understand. Thanks for the docs! I'll keep them in mind when I format again. Good thing no disaster happened! :slight_smile: