Questions about profiles (database, sync...)

I am starting to use the "profiles" feature and had a couple of questions about them.
(1) Do the additional profiles that I create use a DIFFERENT database than the default profile?
(2) I am using OneDrive for synchronization. Can I synchronize all profiles while mantaining their information separate?
(3) Is there a way to open two instances of Joplin, each with a different profile?


  1. Databases are separate, however settings, plugins, etc. are shared between profiles.
  2. You can't use OneDrive as your sync target with multiple profiles. The only way would be to use file system target with different folders, and then sync that with OneDrive (as any other file). You won't be able to sync to Android and iOS devices this way though.
  3. Impossible. I actually run multiple instances myself but in order to so, I need to modify the source code.

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