Dear @laurent
These three could be merged, I believe work on them is done, I mean you did not let me respond back by locking the pr & closed it that's why I'm making this post(I seriously do not want any more drama), you just need to merge them with the master & solving one merge conflict caused due to refactoring of the note text. (If you do not want to review them then that's another story but I frankly find that really petty :roll_eyes:)

You demand something from someone, and at the same time tell them they’re petty. Makes sense.

The bottom line is that there’s more to do on these pull requests and no-one is willing to spend time reviewing them I’m afraid. We merged the one that could be merged.

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*Politely asked, but okay!

Strange , you could have told me whats wrong in it rather than just closing it so I could eventually fix it, but it seems like you are more keen on closing the PR than actually telling me what wrong in it.