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I am new to Joplin, and am now working my way through the help pages. I have updated Joplin to version 2.1.9.

Here are two issues I am a bit stuck with and I would be grateful for any advice:

  • the tutorial explains how to publish a note, which is shown as "share note" in the image. My problem is that my context menu does not offer "share note": see enclosure.

  • it seems that when doing a search I have to type the full word to get a result. For instance, if I were to look for "publishing" the notes containing this word would not already appear after having typed the first few letters (like "publ") but indeed only after the last letter of the term (i.e."g"). Am I doing something wrong, or is this the way it is?

I should add that I like Joplin a lot, especially the fact that it works with Nextcloud. And I also like the layout.

Thanks a lot for your help.

My context menu:

Short answer sorry :
1/ to share a note you should user JOPLIN SERVER (or JOPLIN CLOUD) as a sync target. It won't work with a Nextcloud sync target for technical reason ;
2/ this is normal, the search field is kind of "full word search only", for technical and speed reasons. It seems to me there still a way to look for "text inside word", but I'm not sure how. I think CTRL+P (GOTO Anything) will help you find any word in note title, but not in note contents.

No this is by design. You can use publ*

Supported queries

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Dear nooa77 and JackGruber,

Thank you both for your help. CTRL+P is a good substitute. And I looked at how to switch from Nextcloud to Joplin Server, but I am afraid this is far too complicated for me.


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Hi, installing Joplin Server is really as simple (even simpler) than installing Nextcloud, but I understand it can appear to be otherwise at first look. (and Joplin Cloud seems to have positive feedbacks, but I reckon you might not be interested by it if you use self hosted nextcloud)

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