Sharing a not without Joplin server

Hello all,
I use Joplin succesfully on a desktop/android using a webdav repository on my OLD nas.
I will use this setup to the most extent, but one day I'll upgrade my nas and I'll be able to install Joplin Server.
In the meantime, is there a way to share one or more notes (with attachments) easily, even between other joplin users without joplin server?
Thanks in advance for any help and have an happy Easter.

Thought I'd throw in a reply as this post has gone a long time unanswered!

No there isn't. It was the creation of Joplin Server that enabled note publishing and notebook sharing. The options are not even available in Joplin unless it is connected to Joplin Server / Joplin Cloud.

Without Joplin Server / Joplin Cloud

With Joplin Server / Joplin Cloud

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