External CSS for Notes

Joplin V 2.7.17

I'm trying to add some HTML to my notes using Bootstrap CSS. If I copy all the CSS into a style-tag of the note, it works, however I'd like to know if there's a way to make a single CSS file, which every note refers to and uses for CSS.

Is this possible somehow?

You can use the userstyle.css. Have a look here: Introduction to customising Joplin (userchrome.css & userstyle.css)

It looks like that's what I need, however unfortunately copying the CSS that worked in the tags of the note itself into the userstyle.css doesn't seem to have any effect on the note in the end... I quit and restarted Joplin several times, no change.

I think, your problem is bigger, saw this post here Userstyle.css not working - #12 by Daeraxa already. I hope you will get it working again :slight_smile:

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