FR: auto tag clipped notes


It would be very helpful if Joplin atuomatiocally tags the clipped notes from the web. For instance if it is a simple web clip it would be simpleclippednote, if it is html it would be htmllclippednote etc. The naming can be decided by the devs as long as this is done automatically so that the user can search clipped notes based on their status.


I am not a dev just a user. My view is that the problem with having such tags automatically applied is that whilst it fits your workflow it may not suit others. Having to delete automatic tags every time a clip was taken could become rather tiresome or even annoying.

It is currently possible to add a tag when clipping so could you just add, say, “scn” or “hcn” to the clipped note as you create it?


I also use Trilium and I personally find it useful that a clipped note is tagged in it automatically, it makes it distinguish between a clipped note and a none. It can be very helpful later down the road.

it is not like an auto rag is removing an existing tag, not sure if having one more xtra tag is a burden for the user.