Profile sync across devices

I tried setting up multiple profiles on my main desktop, synced, and then grabbed my laptop. I was surprised to see that the profiles/data did not sync. I assumed that profiles and data would sync, but it seems that the profile configuration is stored locally.

Can profiles be set so they sync as well? Seems odd to have data "stuck" on one machine because it's not in the default profile.

Thanks for this awesome program.

One of the points for implementing profiles was to enable multiple sync target support, e. g. one work profile with Joplin-Cloud and one private with a self-hosted sync target...also profiles are not supported on mobile, so syncing the profile settings wouldn't make much sense, as you could not see the same stuff on all devices.

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I think you have to switch to the new profile, then set up sync normally.

Got it. So I need to think about how profiles work differently than I initially assumed.
Does this mean that I can have only one profile per sync target? Or can I have multiple profiles to the same sync target?

I tried creating a new profile, but then used the same sync target (OneDrive) as the default profile. The new profile pulled everything down from the default. Not what I was hoping for, but if there can only be one profile/sync target pair, then this would make sense. Unfortunate, but understandable.

I use Joplin for a wide array of classwork, work, and personal reasons. I like having a streamlined set of notebooks and tags for each context. I'm not seeing how I can do that with Joplin without using multiple sync targets. Alternatively, could I use "filesystem" as a target but use the full path to a Onedrive folder?

Thank you.

Have a look at my post here and the next 10 or so posts after it.

Essentially every profile needs its own sync target folder which is easy enough on systems you have full control over like NextCloud, Joplin Server or Amazon S3 but not so simple for those being accessed via API like OneDrive or Dropbox.

Too bad, that multiple profiles are not supported on mobile. Are there any plans of implementing it in the near future?