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I have a scenario where I want to sync only notebook A and B to a secondary device (laptop), but leave notebook C out of the sync process. To date, I use Syncthing to sync /home/workstation/.config/joplin-desktop to any desired target devices. However, this method also includes notebook C by default.

I am reaching out to see if there are any methods to sync only notebooks A and B to a target device without using Cloud services or manually exporting and importing the notebook.

I have done some searching and see that there have been a number of discussions around creating "profiles" (E.g for personal use, work, etc), and then syncing those independently, however I have not seen any movement on the development of such ideas. I have also seen some references to passing the --profile flag to create different profiles, but cannot find any formal steps or documentation around such a process.

If anyone has any ideas or process for this that works for them I would very much appreciate any info.


It isn't really possible at the moment, it is kind of all or nothing.

The --profile flag is something you put in your Joplin shortcut and it simply allows it to link to a different profile instance i.e. you could have your primary instance in the normal .config/joplin-desktop folder but with --profile you could instead create a new directory in .config/joplin-desktop2 which is essentially its own self-contained Joplin instance, totally unrelated to the primary one which you can setup however you like. The obvious downside is that there is no way to access your notes simultaneously, you can only have one Joplin profile running at once and they can only see the notes in their own profile.

It is probably one of the more popular feature requests so there is a good chance it could appear in the future but just not currently.

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Really appreciate the reply. I will try to get that setup when I get a chance and test out the multiple profiles like you suggested. It would be really great to have this functionality with the GUI.

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