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Problem with editing (can't edit in the terminal's app)

I just downloaded the app. Trying to use it in my terminal in my Ubuntu machine.
the problem is that I can’t edit, it throws an error:

edit: Error opening note in editor: spawnSync neovim ENOENT

As you can see I’m just trying to edit with my neovim editor.
Is someone familiar with the problem?

Try to use the absolute path.

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Hi man,
Thanks for responding!
How exactly do i set an absolute path? and where?

check on the terminal, not in Joplin with the following command:

which neovim

You will get the absolute path. Then in Joplin terminal app, you type:

:config editor <absolute_path_here>

e.g. on my system:

$ which vim

:config edit /usr/bin/vim

Thank you, it worked! <3

You are welcome.

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