Problem in running application (xdg-settings: invalid application name)

Hi. I have a problem in running joplin on ubuntu. This error appears in terminal after running Joplin and joplin starts in white screen. How can i fix this? I can give you more debug information if you want any.

xdg-settings: invalid application name
Try 'xdg-settings --help' for more information.

Assuming this is the appimage, did you give it execution permissions?


What specifically did you run? Can you put the entire terminal output in a code fence (```) including what you typed?

Interestingly there was an issue opened on github today that looks weirdly familiar, does yours show the same output as this (or is this you under a different name?)

So I think the xdg-settings error is a red herring.
I just used a Ubuntu VM I've never installed Joplin on, downloaded 2.6.10, allowed it to execute and ran it from terminal ~/Downloads$ ./Joplin-2.6.10.AppImage
I saw the same error as you but after a few seconds Joplin just opened and works normally.
The output I got was:

xdg-settings: invalid application name
Try 'xdg-settings --help' for more information.
[2630:0217/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization
(node:2592) electron: The default of nativeWindowOpen is deprecated and will be changing from false to true in Electron 15.  See for more information.
(Use `@joplinapp-desktop --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
[2679:0217/] Passthrough is not supported, GL is swiftshader

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