Dri3 extension not supported

I just installed Joplin v2.10.3 and am running it on a Kali Linux VMware VM, Xfce version 4.18. when I try run Joplin I get the following error.

xdg-settings: invalid application name
Try 'xdg-settings --help' for more information.
libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)
[442693:0225/153025.897883:ERROR:gpu_memory_buffer_support_x11.cc(44)] dri3 extension not supported.

Joplin opens and I can use it normally(I think, I have never used it before but functionality seems to be there). TIn my terminal, that error stays in the terminal and if I CTRL-C to get my terminal prompt back it closes Joplin.

I have run apt update.

Any help would be appreciated.