Privacy settings missing

Newly installed Joplin on Linux, version 2.8.7 revision 91d786d.

My intention is to keep the files local to the main client so I haven't added any sync destinations.

Looking at the privacy section on the privacy policy in the welcome notebook, I decided to turn off the auto-update and geo-location options, so I went to Tools->Options->Application, but the only options listed are...
Show Tray Icon
Start Application Minimised in the tray icon
Get pre-releases when checking for updates.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or do those privacy options only appear when a sync destination has been set?

Linux doesn't currently have the auto-update menu item as the recommended install and update is via the script rather than the direct appimage download unlike the macOS and Windows downlaods.

Geolocation is in the note category.

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