Priority highjlights - and a more professional look

Those of you who work on Macs will know about a finder feature which allows you to add colored dots to files and folders. Each user has her/his own personal ways of using them, but it helps a lot to quickly find a file in a folder with lots of files.
Made me wonder about two features which might be (??) implemented using a plug-in, and which may make Joplin look much more professional :

  1. simple : a way to add such dots (5 colors, I can upload samples) to the emoji table for notebooks ?
  2. a little more demanding : could such dots be added to any note in the notes list (of a given notebook) ?
    Anyone interested ? or is this only a feature a Mac user misses.

hello world ?

I already colour code my notebooks with the coloured circles, that are in the emoji table. What benefit would more coloured dots make?
And there is already the option to use an image instead of an emoji, as well.
For the notes, you could always change the title to include an emoji.

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On color coding notebooks, it does not really address my question / post,
on including an emoji in the note title, please explain - I don't see how.

Then I must have completely mis understood you. You said in your first post:

Well, there are 7 coloured dots already in the emoji table. In exactly the same colours as you can use to mark folders and files on mac. What additional functionality do you want?

You can include emojis in the notes title. But I have the feeling, you are not interested in the optics.

Maybe it would help if you could to explain in more detail what functionality you are suggesting.

Adding emoji to text:
Mac: Use CTRL + CMD + Space
Win: Windows logo key + . (period)
IOS & Android: Well…


Default iOS keyboard:

Other keyboards: (hold Enter) + tap emoji key + find and tap emoji + return to regular keyboard

If your mobile keyboard doesn't have an emoji key or picker, install one that does.

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I wasn't aware of this, and indeed, it sort of addresses my "idea".
Takes a few too many keystrokes for my taste, but the emoij can even be added to the beginning of the title string and the notes list then sorted by emoijs. Thanks to both of you !

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