Preview mode on mobile

Is it possible to preview a note without the editor split?

Is it possible to enter "protected" mode on mobile to prevent accidental edits? (open preview by default)

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I think that's the standard behavior on mobile. It sounds like you're using the experimental editor. The experimental editor doesn't support that (I don't think) but turning it off will give you a default preview mode.

Can you show me where to turn off the experimental editor? I cannot see such an option.

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Hmmm, I don't see it either. It's possible that it's been removed.
@laurent do you have any insight here?

I've indeed removed it from Android as it was crashing the app. But we don't if OP is using Android nor what version of the app. There's a reason we ask for all this in the template for support queries.

Sorry, using Joplin version 1.1.2 on Android.
So if I understand correctly there is no preview only mode on the Android version currently. :frowning:

Could you post a screenshot to see what you mean exactly? It sounds like you are using the beta editor, which perhaps was still enabled in that version. If you do, you can disable it in the options.

I would like to have the lower preview window to be fullscreen.

I would search that option in the Appearance section: