Improving the way Joplin edits notes on mobile devices

When you open a note on mobile devices there are two modes in Joplin: a read mode where markdown is rendered that doesn’t open the keyboard on each tap and scrolls very fast and the markdown mode that is terrible for scrolling as it opens the keyboard on each tap and is generally slow.

I would love to see the mechanics where a double tap in read mode opens editing at that location and the back button returns the read mode to the very same location. It would work wonders for faster and more enjoyable editing.

The current approach is clunky and works well only for rare edits - the read mode opens at the beginning of a note and the edit mode always opens at the end. Also when you tap back the read mode returns to the beginning. This approach, coupled with the intrusive keyboard in the edit mode, makes it very difficult to scroll and is not practical for substantial editing.

Also, keep up the great work, it’s maturing very nicely!


Unfortunately the text input we’re using is very limited in functionalities and has quite a few bugs too, and most of what you described, jumping to a location and so on, is not currently possible (or too buggy to bother).

React Native is going through some major changes, mainly they are moving lots of non-essential components out of the core, so hopefully it means they will now have time to improve the quality of core components, like text input. Let’s see how it turns out.


Posting here to revive this topic since it's been a while since the last post. I'd love to see a better/quicker way to edit notes in mobile. Currently I'm not even seeing the 'read mode' mentioned above in the app, and the 'plain text editor' is no longer supported. Is there a way that the mobile app would allow users to simply tap once to begin editing notes, instead of having to first tap the edit button?