Hide Edit Mode

Sometimes notes may be for reference and are in their final form. In desktop mode, it would be nice to have a clickable left-arrow icon on the left side of the central line between the edit and markup sides of a note. When clicked, it would move the central line all the way left and hide the edit section so that you can simply view the note in read only mode. The arrow icon would then change to a right-arrow on the side. When this right-arrow is clicked, it would move the central line back to the center and enable edit mode again (as per normal editing).

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The layout button already does this, it’s on the top bar next to the search box. It toggles between split, editor only and view only.

Ah yes! You are absolutely correct. Perhaps allow both the suggestion here and the layout to do the same things for users to choose their option based on their UI understanding?

I kinda wish the layout icon would change to show the current view or the new view available in the rotation.