Pressing enter in an empty list item should move the cursor up in order

Platform - macOS

Say I want to end a bulleted list at “item 2”:

  • item 1
  • item 2

I simply press enter at a blank list item and the cursor should move a level up (or end the list as the case may be). But with Joplin on macOS, the “-” stays even with an empty list item.

Minor annoyance. If possible, please consider it.


I’m coming from using a code editor for Markdown notetaking to Joplin. That Joplin (or Ace Editor) doesn’t remove trailing empty list items is an inconvenience. Hitting enter on a blank list item could simply remote it. This should work for all types of lists including checkboxes.

I think someone is working on improving this, it might already be in the next release I’m not sure.

You should look into using an external editor if you’re already used to it. It’s really easy to use and Joplin won’t be able to match the editing capabilities of one of these editors for a long time.

I see this pull request now:

I’m already using an external editor for longer and more complicated documents or when I repeatedly want features like brace matching. The external editor support is something I was really pleasantly surprised to find. This suggestion is more about making simple things pleasant in Joplin. Much of what I’m editing directly in Joplin are lots of simple lists, and that’s where this feature would be a real nicety. Having that pull request merged when ready will resolve this for me.