Porting Obsidian plugins to Joplin

Has anyone here ported an Obsidian plugin to Joplin. Both are written in Typescript. It was a thought I had, but I don't know where to start, or if it's even feasible.

The feasibility of porting the plugin would depend on the specific plugin and its functionality, as well as the APIs and features available in Joplin that can support the plugin's functionality.

To get started with porting the plugin, you can start by studying the plugin's source code and identifying the key features and dependencies. Then, you can investigate how those features can be implemented in Joplin and if there are any existing Joplin plugins that have similar functionality. You may also need to make modifications to the plugin's code to adapt it to Joplin's APIs and features. Once you have a plan for porting the plugin, you can start implementing it in Joplin and testing it to ensure it functions correctly.