Portable Joplin app to use from MacOS

I would like to use a portable version of joplin as a kind of portable backup of documentation (stored on a USB stick).
This is something feasible on windows and data sits in a joplin folder next to the executable.
I would you do this using MacOS, but there is no portable app.
I also tried using the desktop app but it won't load/save data to a USB device.
Any idea ?
Thank you

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Hi @kriss6557
I tried this method, which seems to work.
On a USB stick, create an invisible folder, named for example .portableconfig.

Copy the Joplin application to the stick (optionally rename it to avoid confusion).

Create a PortableJoplin.command text file containing this line:

Volumes/usbstick/usbJoplin.app/Contents/MacOS/Joplin --profile /Volumes/usbstick/.portableconfig/

In Terminal, change the file permissions with
chmod 755 to make it executable.


Hi Betternote,
Thank you very much, this works perfectly !
Have a good weekend

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