Plugin suggestion: Excalidraw

Excalidraw is an open souce virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams. It would be great if we could integrate this with Joplin. Obsidian and Notion has integrations for it, but I have not tested those.

Ideally I would like to see the following:

  1. Adding an excalidraw file to a joplin note as a file attachment.
  2. A click on the attachement would open the file in excalidraw.
  3. Saving the file and exiting excalidraw a png version of the drawing should be updated in Joplin.

Background info:

Excalidraw can be run in the browser by visiting

It can also be downloaded as a Chrome PWA, which I have done, but I can not get Joplin to open the with the pwa (on Mac).

Further info:

Have you tried the plugin? It may give you the functionality you're after. plugin very useful for that too

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