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Firstly, thank you @CalebJohn for this awesome plugin. Really loving the single-pane life without the markdown viewer displayed constantly.

Images being displayed inline makes a massive difference to the usability, but the one thing stopping me from saying bye to the viewer for good is the lack of a similar PDF preview being displayed inline.

I'm imagining this would be more challenging to implement, but has this been considered? Is it technically feasible? Is it something others might be interested in?

Be great to hear your thoughts and anyone else's views...


This has been requested before. To be honest I'm not really sure how challenging it is, but I'm not interested in individually porting every feature of Joplin into the plugin. I think it should be possible to borrow the Joplin renderer to get every feature at once, but I haven't gotten to it (and might never get there).

FYI enhancement plugin has this feature (among many others)

Totally understand! Thanks for your response.

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OK I tried this plugin but couldn't find that option. I will go back and check it out!

I updated this plugin via the panel in Joplin. It was the latest version, but it did not show an icon for the config menu. I restarted with the same result. I deleted and reinstalled via the panel and the icon finally appeared. Not worth github, but I thought I would mention it.

I haven't been around for a while, but just today I started using footnotes for the first time.

@CalebJohn , have you considered adding the ability to go to footnotes in the markdown editor by ctrl clicking on them, or through a menu item like we get with links? I believe this plugin is what enables that.

It would make the markdown editor that much more usable if the footnotes were as fully functional there as they are in the rendered notes.

As always, thanks so much for your plugin. It's really an essential piece of Joplin equipment.


Hi, sorry for the dumb question. I had to wipe my previous Joplin install and forgot to store my userchrome.css file. I use the Rich Markdown plugin and I can swear I had the URL formatted in the markdwon editor (blue underlined), but after re-installing the plugin and playing with the options I can't manage to get colored URLs (links are clickable using ctrl/click but not colored). Is there some specific css I should use for that? Thanks!

Missing cursor?

Has anyone using Rich Markdown noticed that cursor no longer appears (as of the last 2 Joplin updates) when you click on an empty row? If I hit space bar or any character, the cursor appears, but if I delete all the characters in a row, the cursor disappears. This seems new. Not sure if it is intended behavior or not.

Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)

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I hadn't thought about it before, but it's a good suggestion. I also want to make anchor links work, they can be done at the same time. This would be even easier. I've added a ticket to track it.

div.CodeMirror {
  color: blue;
  text-decoration: underline;

Just place the above in your userchrome.css. Should work

This is not intentional, and also not something I can reproduce. It could be that you have some custom css that is causing this? I think some of the settings in this plugin might conspire together to cause the issue. I played around with it a bit, but couldn't find anything that would cause this.

Thank you for all your hard work!


The issue seems to have gone away. Now the cursor correctly appears on empty rows. I have restarted Joplin multiple times as I've been playing with new plugins, so maybe that cleared some temporary glitch.

Thanks so much for sharing, it is really a usefull and cool plugin, the functions are perfact for me. Thanks again and good luck for you!


I don't have any custom css. Narrowed it down:

@ambrt hasn't been on this forum since Nov 2021. Is this readily fixable or is there a good workaround (i.e., doesn't introduce a bunch of other conflicts) that would allow use of Rich Markdown's "align wrapped list items to the indent level" option in conjunction with the persistent text folding plugin?

For now, I'm using @graphit0's css-based workaround:

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Edited to say: I was indeed missing the obvious, please ignore this post (if you prefer I can delete it). I was getting confused as to who did what. The inconsistency is not in the plugin. Joplin is handling the whole markdown="1" thing even on the editor side.

Original content

Hi, I'm just trying this out for the first time. Looks good! But (you knew that was coming, didn't you :wink:) ...

It appears to require the HTML attribute markdown="1" to be set before working inside embedded HTML blocks like div. I have two issues with this. First is that I have lots of notes written when I didn't know such an attribute was being introduced by various tools, and second it is inconsistent with how the Joplin preview works. See the attached screen capture.

The preview is always applying markdown against embedded HTML, while Rich Markdown requires markdown="1".

Ideally I'd like there to be a default in the options (to be used when the markdown= attribute is not specified). Possibly it should be in the Joplin App options to control how the preview details with it, and then maybe a separate option for this plugin? And then if the source provides an explicit markdown= attribute then that can override the default. That way we get to manage this according to our own history and preferences.

Please forgive me if I've missed something obvious. I looked for existing settings and didn't see one for this. Tried on both v2.12.8 and v2.13.6.

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Would it be possible to expose focus mode's opacity level in the plugin settings?

Hi @CalebJohn

Thanks a lot for this great plugin :slight_smile:

About checkboxes:

Would it be possible to check the boxes of all selected text? (when I select several line and use the Toggle checkbox action from contextual menu, only the first line is toggled)

Check boxes on titles are not taken into account, would this be possible? In fact they are not seen as check boxes by the Joplin Markdown viewer either, but I put x myself manually to simulate a check mark:


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