Plugin: Rich Markdown

Firstly, thank you @CalebJohn for this awesome plugin. Really loving the single-pane life without the markdown viewer displayed constantly.

Images being displayed inline makes a massive difference to the usability, but the one thing stopping me from saying bye to the viewer for good is the lack of a similar PDF preview being displayed inline.

I'm imagining this would be more challenging to implement, but has this been considered? Is it technically feasible? Is it something others might be interested in?

Be great to hear your thoughts and anyone else's views...


This has been requested before. To be honest I'm not really sure how challenging it is, but I'm not interested in individually porting every feature of Joplin into the plugin. I think it should be possible to borrow the Joplin renderer to get every feature at once, but I haven't gotten to it (and might never get there).

FYI enhancement plugin has this feature (among many others)

Totally understand! Thanks for your response.

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OK I tried this plugin but couldn't find that option. I will go back and check it out!

I updated this plugin via the panel in Joplin. It was the latest version, but it did not show an icon for the config menu. I restarted with the same result. I deleted and reinstalled via the panel and the icon finally appeared. Not worth github, but I thought I would mention it.