Plugin: Rich Markdown

That's a good point, it would make sense to apply to all of them. What do you think the behavior should be if a user selects multiple lines that have both checked and unchecked boxes?

  1. Toggle all individually
  2. Uncheck all
  3. Check all

I hesitate to add features that don't exist in the markdown viewer, i think it adds confusion for most users. I would consider adding support for that header checkbox syntax (I saw it in a thread from a few days ago), if/when it's supported in the main app.

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Thank you very much for your response :slight_smile:

The ideal would be to have the 3 options :slight_smile: . The ones that would be most useful to me would be 2 and 3 (Uncheck all and Check all)

If this is not possible, and if the function is still called Toggle checkbox, the most logical one would be Toggle all individually.

I also use the plugin Reset Checkboxes which allows me to Uncheck all checkboxes, and following my request to the developer @kamer, he added the possibility of uncheck checkboxes only on the selected text, thanks to him :slight_smile:

With your 2 plugins, the checkboxes will be under control :wink:

I understand
In this regard, although checking and unchecking these boxes on the title does not work, when you press CTRL the little hand is displayed, we might believe that it could work, but no :wink:

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Fair point! I'll look into making it work (or fixing the hand, we'll see)
edit: It was fairly easy to add the requested feature. It will be available in the next release.


Version 0.15.0 was just released. It supports checking selections.

The ctrl+click (and ctrl+enter) behaviour remains the same (toggle checkboxes). But this adds 2 new right-click menu entries, one for check all, and one for uncheck all.

I also went ahead and added support for toggling titles that are formatted like checkboxes.


Wow, amazing, thank you very much, it is perfect :slight_smile:

In the Markdown viewer, title checkboxes cannot be checked or unchecked with a click, but I don't think the plugin can do anything about it...


I noticed two little issues:

1- Checkboxes actions of the context menu are not displayed if the last line of the selection does not contain a checkbox:


I've gotten into the habit of paying attention to the end of my selection and so I can live with this behavior, but I wanted to point this out to you in case there is an easy way to correct this

2- Internal links to anchors of other notes do not work from the editor (CTRL) if the titles contain checkboxes. If I remove the checkbox from the link, it works whether the box is checked or not:

Joplin Rich Markdown_Anchor links with checkboxes issue_2024-05-16_16-42-56

As for the first problem, I can live with it, I wonder if it is not better to remove the check box from the link, which means that it will work, whether the box is checked or not :thinking:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The fact that I don't necessarily arrive at the right section in the note linked is, I think, another problem.

Thank you for the reports @nonobio, I don't have time to fix them right away but I've tracked them on github so they don't get lost.

And as for anchor links not scrolling to the right place, that is indeed a limitation of the current version, it is high priority for me to fix.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the current version of Rich Markdown or Joplin?
Because for me the problem is present even without any plugin installed (without Rich Markdown).

There are two things I notice:

  • Sometimes the note is not positioned at all in the right place, whether in the editor or the renderer.
  • Sometimes it is positioned well in the renderer but not in the editor (this is where I have to move the text up or down on the renderer side so that the editor aligns it).