Plugin: PlantUML

I just released the version 1.6.0 of this plugin that renders the svg images in a different way in order to support links.

I updated the GitHub Readme with an example on how to create link to other notes and external links.

@xardbaiz give it a try and let me know if you are able to create the links you are asking for


Wow! Great job! Thanks!

  • External links working great. It opens them in the default system browser. Well done!
  • Internal links with your custom syntax joplin://<noteId> also work. But probably better to leave default joplin syntax for internal markdown links such just :/<noteId> ?

In joplin both syntax are supported:

The syntax with :/<noteId> is not actually a valid URI syntax so it does not work if you create an anchor tag:

joplin://<nodeId> is a valid URI where the protocol is joplin.

The syntax :/<noteId> works with markdown because joplin add some javascript:



Is the @startgantt supposed to work?
It appears to be not...

It does work!