Plugins - multiple questions - sharing, publishing etc

I'm looking at Plugins | Joplin and have few questions for development.

Developing the plugin was relatively easy, nothing major there.

  1. how do I get my plugin to the main repo for publishing?
  2. what's a good way of sharing it prior to publishing to iron out bugs? Development plugins only takes a path, not a github url (it would be cool if it did this)
  3. I don't see the available icons documented anywhere. what ones can I use?

See docs on publishing here - joplin/packages/generator-joplin at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub.

Essentially you just need to npm publish with a plugin called joplin-plugin-x and the repo scripts will do the rest.

Make a release on GitHub or otherwise find a way to share the .jpl file for people to install manually (Plugins | Joplin).

It mostly uses fontawesome so you should just be able to reference those.

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how can they use it from use a gh release? it would have to be published first, no?

I tired the github icon which is "fa fa-github" but it didn't work. is it a subset?

No? Just install the .jpl like the docs in my link says. I've had people testing my plugin by just sending that link, it isn't published yet.

Honestly can't remember but there should be plenty of other plugins to reference that use icons for the toolbar.

I got it sorted and published. Seems some of those docs are in the wrong place. We should link it in the plugins repo I think