Plugin: Links Metadata

I created a plugin that displays the metadata from all the links present on the note.

This plugin displays the website URL, the Title, the description as well as the oc:image. You can toggle the panel by cliking on the "link" icon on the WYSIWYG editor. It is also possible to put the panel on the bottom of the note by changing the application layout.

Link of the repo: Plugin: Link Metadata

I worked on it only today so I guess it could be better optimized. The regex to find links is not perfect, but it's a good start. If you see an issue, please report it here. Or even better, fix it and create a pull request!


Nice idea.

It would actually make sense to add the "real" meta data that is in the Note properties dialog.

P.S.: In that case, you probably would have to rename it to Plugin: Metadata Info or Plugin: Metadata Pane....

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I am not sure about what you are suggesting here.

Are you talking about using the { fields: ['base_url'] }) field when getting the note (this one ) ? It seem that I cant' access it with

The name Links Metadata Panelseem better.

I'm talking about the following info:

Just to be perfectly clear. Links are not metadata. The name of the plugin is wrong. This is why I suggested to actually present "real" metadata. You can of course also show links, but calling them metadata makes no sense.

The current functionality of this plugins is listing links and their titles.

I think there is a misunderstanding. This plugin is getting all the links in the body and displaying their metadata (I'm talking here of all the links present in the note).

The metadata are the URL metadata (Generate link previews with social metadata  |  Firebase , the html tags). In this regard Metadata is the good name (Metadata Reference - App Links - Documentation - Facebook for Developers). Metadata includes the title, description, and other relevant information of the Open Graph such as the picture. What I wanted to replicate is the behaviour when you paste a link in discord or slack.

So I am not sure what you call the "real" metadata. Is there a way to get that directly from the note ? Do you have another name suggestion ?

I understood that, but for me a link title is not metadata. But that's just my personal opinion. For me metadata would be description, size of the page, location of the server, ....
Although I can see why the title might be considered metadata, especially when the title is not in the markdown link notation.

You can ignore my previous comments. Retrieving the note properties probably would warrant a separate plugin.

If you have a suggestion of a new relevant name, I'm more than happy to change it

Nope, the name is ok. It was my mistake. Just ignore all my comments. I read metadata and thought about the note metadata right away. Different story, my bad.

I've been joking for something like this to insert into the browser plugin and android share to Joplin function.

Grabbing a link when I share a web article to Joplin on my Android devices is great, but no meta info isn't. I've been wanting this fixed for a long time.

This is a great plugin! Thanks. Didn't know that I needed something like this.

One unexpected behaviour is that when I click on the link it opens in an odd Joplin window instead of my system's default browser. I assumed that it would have the same action as if clicking on a link in a note.

Also, I noticed this isn't in the repository. Any chance of adding it? I think others would find it useful. I only discovered it by chance.

Thanks again!