Cleander view for notes

People have requested calendar features but what i am asking for is different enough to have its own thread.

Cleander view

This would display your notes in a different way in a calendar view each event shown on the calendar view would be a note. if you clicked on it it would take you to that note

With in the view you would be able to pick a date and it would show the notes with in the cleander view from that date

This would mean i could go into my calendar view for that day and see what on my schedule or look at what i did on other days

Extra data for the notes

For the note you would have to store extra data

  • Start time
  • End time
  • date

I think this would be a nice addition to view notes in a calendar view. I’ve seen this feature has already been asked by some users. I understand the way you want it to be implemented. But can you just convince me and mentor for some use case… why this feature should be there because it will be a big addition code-wise and as i saw no one has been able to explain that in the first place. So can you?

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Hi Coderrsid,

I'm a new user of Joplin, I really like how easy it is to use!
I especially like the possibility of choosing between ToDo notes and normal notes.
I currently like using Joplin for managing tasks, so I'm mostly using ToDo notes. I find that having a calendar view allows too things:

  • Easily planning tasks on different time-scales. In particular, having a better view of what tasks need to be done during a week.
  • Easily manage Todo lists: By having a calendar view at the scale of Day/Week/Month, one can consider past tasks as either done or irrelevant. This avoids getting overwhelmed by all the past notes that one doesn't really care about anymore, without having to manually mark them.

I think that Joplin has a very easy to use interface which makes it very pleasant to use. Having a better calendar integration, could be even more valuable for the users.



I have another solution for this topic. It will work if Joplin implements internal links into the app. Not Markdown links, but links what might be redirected by the browser into Joplin. As it did in Evernote.

In that case, it would be possible to paste this link into an event in any calendar app. So you will be able to manage your calendar events as notes and edit them by clicking on the link.

This helps not only you to implement Joplin into the calendar, but many other users to implement their notes to the Office documents, task managers, messengers
and other apps.