Everyone wants a calendar. I know this is a note-taking app but adding a calendar will make this product so much better. Our lives consist of taking notes and remembering when and how to do it all. Please Help! Thank You.!

Hi @ZonaQ, welcome to the forum.

Open Joplin > Tools > Options > Plugins > Type calendar into the search bar > Install and try any or all of the found plugins.

Before creating a new thread to find a plugin, please search existing resources first, like: the above, the Plugins discovery website, the Plugin List thread, and this forum in general.


Was this an automatic response or is there a calendar? I know there is a calendar but we are all wanting a calendar to remember appointments and the like.

I'd assume that many people actually don't need a calendar in their note taking application, but it would really be clearer if you described specifically what kind of calendar you are interested in.

There are a few calendar plugins available, some of which allow you to just input your own events in Markdown, others simply display a calendar with existing notes by their date, etc. Basically, there can be different use cases of a calendar in Joplin.


He Tom! Joplin doesn't have in its current choice of calendars an "Appointment" calendar. Why would an appointment calendar be important? well if you talking to someone on the phone, taking notes changes are a meeting, event, due date, etc will be involved, thus having an Appointment calendar in Joplin would be very handy! I want to use Joplin for more than just taking notes, I am hoping it can keep me organized! Thanks! Bob