Is there a plugin for this? (tags applied to individual paragraphs within a note)

I hope I can explain this properly. Some of my notes in Joplin are very long, basically just many brief quotes/snippets of text collected in one note. Because each quote or snippet of text is fairly small, I don't create individual notes for these because my notebooks would quickly become disorganized with so many different notes.

Is there any way to essentially assign tags to paragraphs/sections within a note, rather than the entire note itself? Even if it means typing the tag at the start of the paragraph/section I want attached to that tag.

I think you might find the Embedded Tags plugin useful.

This looks like it could be exactly the sort of plugin I need - thanks for the recommendation. I can't seem to get it working though. I added the CSS code specified in GitHub, but when I try to do the following:

To insert an embedded tag, open the Code Mirror (MD) editor and highlight the text that you want to be wrapped in an embedded tag. Right click and select 'Select embedded tag' on the menu that appears. You will have a number options available

The only options available via right click are cut, copy, paste. Have you used this plugin? Do you have a sense of what I might be doing wrong?

I just took a look and it appears that it's using some outdated features of the Joplin plugin interface. I'll see if I can send the developer some patches.

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My plugin should do what the OP has requested as @CalebJohn has rightly suggested.

Thanks for the PR. I'm away for a few days, but will look at them on my return.

@Lojop With the help of @CalebJohn I've updated the plug which can be found here - Release Embedded Tags with ScrollTo · JoplinDave/joplin-plugin-embeddedtags · GitHub


@Dave Sorry for seeing this so late - thank you so much!!

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