Please consider having a regular cadence for non security related releases

Unless it pertains to a critical security update, I recommend exploring the possibility of adopting a more predictable cadence for releasing non-essential updates. The frequent occurrence of sizable pop-ups every few days has proven to be a source of inconvenience for users.

To cater to users who appreciate staying abreast of regular updates, it might be worthwhile to consider implementing a Nightly build option. Furthermore, incorporating a user-selectable option within the application to opt into this build could provide a tailored solution for those who value frequent feature updates.

By striking a balance between maintaining security standards and minimizing user disruption, we can potentially enhance the overall user experience. I appreciate your consideration of this suggestion.

Found this some days ago: Joplin team release every quarter.

Security or major bug fixes are always out-of-bound updates.


I guess that when responding to a bug report Laurent has to decide if a fix can wait for up to three months before users get it or if it should go out as soon as it is fixed. It's a judgement call. Every now and again a series of issues will get reported that come in one after another and us users can get several updates over a few days. From personal experience I have found that this does not occur that often. For one recent release cycle I actually checked GitHub manually in case there was a bug in the client as it had been so long since an update notification appeared!

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This only occurs if you check for pre-release, as these are updated frequently. but the normal version does not get an update every few days.

Ok, there were two updates for the 2.13.x version last week due to two critical bugs

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I get notices for pre-release and I have also found that they are sometimes so frequent to be a bit annoying. I read over the change log and there is usually nothing noteworthy, at least to me.

I like to think that I am helping out by installing pre-release versions, but recently they have been coming too often for me to be downloading such a huge package.

But… of course I highly appreciate all the work that is being done and that the app is in such constant development. Worst case scenario I just stop the pre-release notifications.

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I don't have a pre-release option selected. I didn't know that option was available to begin with.
I'll submit an issue if continue getting the pop-ups without this setting toggled ON.

Could a bug fix update, include a security patch not mentioned ?

We won't have a regular cadence for urgent fixes but of course what's missing is an improved update process. In the meantime, you can choose to press "skip" for that particular update or disable automatic updates.

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