Please add menu/shortcut for time insertion

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If this is a dupe please accept my apologies.

I need to insert timestamps in a lot in notes - however, I cannot find any keyboard shortcuts for it. After looking through a lot of older posts it seems that adding it to the menu with a shortcut would do the trick.

Can this feature be added? Joplin is a great product and I use it daily but it would be nice to be able to insert a timestamp without moving my fingers off the keys.


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Ctrl+Shift+T should do it, but we should also indeed add it to the menu.

Yes, that key combo works!!

Suggestion (again, if I’ve missed this, sorry…): Add a list of all shortcuts to the Help menu.

Thanks for the quick reply!!


adding on to this topic - does there happen to be a keyboard shortcut that only inserts the current time (excluding date?)

No, not currently. Anyway this is an old topic that should probably be closed