Plugin: Insert Date

This plugin adds a button to the editor toolbar that, when pressed, inserts the current date into the editor.

Install by searching for 'Insert Date' in Joplin Preferences -> Plugins.


As described in this forum post, most of the time I use the existing 'Insert Date Time' button, I dont need the exact timestamp, and it is overkill. This plugin addresses that.

Github Repository: GitHub - herdsothom/joplin-insert-date


Thanks for that link! I couldnt find that information earlier.
I've followed those steps and published to NPM.

Can now be installed by searching for 'Insert Date' within the Joplin Plugins menu.

v1.0.1 will use the Date Format configured in preferences.

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What is the preferred way of assigning a keyboard shortcut? I can see the command in the Command Palette, but not in Tools>Options>Keyboard Shortcuts.

Should I edit keymap-desktop.json directly?

Thanks for this; this is handy as I type the date very frequently, but the time almost never.

I've been looking for this feature, but for the time only. It's for a daily log that has time-based entries.

I just noticed that the icon is different in the regular markdown editor and the "rich text"editor. Shouldn't they be the same?

Just to add I installed this plugin and see the same issue, correct icon in markdown editor, but a settings (cog) icon in the rich text editor. Please can this be corrected as it is a plug I hope to use every day! Thanks

@herdsothom is there an option to automate datetime inserting at each bullet for lists?

I'm also wondering about this. I'd really like to have a keyboard shortcut. Can anyone say how this would work?