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Pinned notes would be a nice feature. You could pin certain notes to the top of the notebook so it could make it easier to prioritize certain things.


I asked that feature some while ago :wink:

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Any ideas when this will be available, I’m trying out Joplin, but after using SimpleNotes for such a long time, I really do miss that feature, it’s really useful, I’m surprised Joplin so advanced as it is doesn’t already include that.

Anyways congrats to the developer, it’s a great app.

I think it’s in the queue. I think it’s more of an architectural design issue than coding. Is pinning supposed to be global or per folder (notebook) or both?

I think mic704b created a virtual folder layer in the code that could be used for something like this.


I’ve put in some work on pinning notes, the PR is currently closed as there wasn’t a clear spec and Laurent feels it is better to go with a global Favorite Notes feature, which would be available on the sidebar, rather than per notebook. PR here

As for the virtual folder layer, I wasn’t aware of that. I assume it’s part of the work on the “Trash” feature? If so, I’ll refactor to implement it once its ready

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I’ve only said I wasn’t sure, but I don’t know, maybe pinned notes is the right approach. We need to look at possible approaches and see which one is best. Personally I don’t really know and no time to look into this at the moment.

I understand you and the dev team are probably extremely busy with GSoC work. I’ll look into how it’s implemented in a few other apps and get back here.

I like this idea, but perhaps I would prefer some type of mark (or with colors) that would prevent it from moving to the top (or the latter being optional).

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I don’t think I exactly got what you meant. Could you explain a bit more please?

I’ve been looking into how pinning is implemented in a few other apps. What I feel is that, to offer maximum flexibility and a good user experience, pinned notes needs to be implemented both on per-notebook basis, and across notebooks. If the user has a few notebooks, it would make sense to access all pinned notes at once rather than going to each folder separately. However, as the number of notes grow, it probably loses its value if there are hundreds of pinned notes to go through.

As a first step, I think it would be best to implement it on a per-notebook basis, as then, all pinned notes could anyway be accessed through the “All Notes” view. Going forward, this could be refined more to show only the pinned notes, or to give an option to choose whether the user would like per-notebook pinned notes or pinned notes across notebooks.


The one thing I don’t yet have clarity on is, how should the pinned notes be sorted? Should they be sorted -

  1. Same as the rest of the notes (by name, update time etc)? (easiest, as it is already there)
  2. In order of pinning?
  3. User defined (as per my knowledge, Joplin doesn’t support this yet, so it would be quite a bit of work)
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As far as global vs local, it seems to me it could easily be both: just have pinned notes be at the top in their individual notebooks, and have a global/all “notebook” with all notes, which would have all pinned notes from all notebooks at the top.

As for order, obviously the best solution is to provide options, so each user can choose what works best for them. However, I realize that might be infeasible due to the amount of code required, in which case I would say probably based on order of pinning, with the ability to at least select ascending/descending order (i.e. whether to put the first or last pinned note on top). I don’t personally like notes being sorted based on last update, since that causes them to shuffle around and makes it harder to find them. I really prefer to be able to manually sort, which should be an option either exclusive of or in addition to whatever automatic sorting is used, so e.g. they could be sorted by order of pinning but then dragged to reorder after that.

Another feature I’d really like to see regarding pinning is priorities, so instead of just pinned and unpinned, they could be pinned with a P1, P2, P3, etc, and be sorted first by that, then by whatever other method(s) is/are used, as discussed above. This would be especially useful if manual sorting isn’t possible, and less important (though still likely useful) if it is.


It could start with the easiest, name. I prefer one type that doesn't change the order of the notes all the time, so I can find them easier. And then the feature could include more options of sorting, if necessary.

How is the development of this going?? Or is it already there and I'm no seeing (hoHOho :sweat_smile:)??

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What about implementing pinned notes using a special tag? Let's say all notes with a tag "pinned" would be sorted to the front of all notes in a notebook. Then there wouldn't be much to change. In fact, only the sorting logic would have to be extended in order to take into account the existence of the "pinned" tag. Furthermore, synchronization with older clients would be possible out of the box as well as listing all "pinned" notes of all notebooks.

Instead of hardcoding the tag name "pinned", one could even let the user configure such a special tag (or even more) himself. He might, for instance, configure that all notes containing one of the tags "pinned", "important", "todo" should be treated as pinned ones.


This is a great idea , and something I miss from Bear. I created an "_pinned" notebook to simulate it, but it is not the same.


I'm also interested in this feature. They are many variations of it and not yet a consensus of how it should be.
virtual folder with pinned annotations
pinned annotation in folder
inclusion of pinned annotation of sub folder (a idea I shared on github)
and a pinned hierarchy (with P1, P2 and P3) as suggested by @vertigo

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