GSOC idea: Pinning Feature for Enhanced Note Accessibility in Joplin

Hi, Joplin Community! :innocent: :wave:

I'm constantly exploring ways to enhance its functionality and user experience. Today, I want to introduce the concept of pinning objects within notes :bookmark_tabs:

:sparkles: The idea is: the ability to pin specific objects within a note, such as text snippets, Mermaid diagrams, images, or any other media. This functionality would allow users to easily navigate to and reference important content within a note, akin to how channels can be pinned in Telegram.

why I believe this feature could be added to Joplin?

  • Improved Accessibility: users wouldn't have to scroll through entire notes or rely solely on search functionality to find what they need.

  • Enhanced Organization: users could visually distinguish key points or multimedia elements within a note for easier navigation

  • Efficient Workflow: users could quickly jump to relevant sections of a note, streamlining their workflow and saving time.

I'm eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

  • Do you believe that pinning objects within notes would be a valuable addition to Joplin?
  • How do you envision this feature working within the platform?
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@roman_r_m @laurent @CalebJohn

I'll really appreciate it if i can get your insights about this :innocent:

I have also posted another idea

I seek your guidance on assessing the feasibility and convenience of these tasks :blush:

For me it's not entirely clear how this is different from what we already have, since you can already embed diagrams, images, etc. Could you clarify what you have in mind?

I mean pinning items within a note, like the feature in Discord where we can highlight a specific message for easy reference. For clarity, I've included a quick sketch illustrating my point

Thanks for clarifying. Is it maybe similar to what the Favorite plugin is doing?

Based on the features listed in the "joplin-favorites" plugin, it appears to offer support for saving notebooks, notes, To-do lists, tags, and facilitating search functionality (including adding searches to favorites). but there is absence in the capability to save specific sections within the content of notes or To-do lists for quick reference.

I see two options:

  • Integration as a feature within the Joplin application, either as a standalone feature or as part of the desktop app's functionality.
  • Development as an extension of the favorites-plugin.

While it could be integrated into the favorites-plugin, I believe it would be more appropriate as a separate feature within the application. because it's not fully related to favorites but it's more related to quicker reference and reaching specific content faster within a note.