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I've been monitoring this issue for about 4 months, and have noticed another bug that may or may not be related.

When creating notes in chronological order, say Note 1 and Note 2, the tags sometimes go missing or get mixed up.

So for example,

Note 1
Tags: a1, b1, c1

Note 2
Tags: a2, b2, c2

After checking back later, something similar to this often happens:

Note 1
Tags: none

Note 2
Tags: a1, b1, c1

Edit: Sure enough, after saving this thread URL to Joplin and tagging it, all the tags disappeared!

Hello. I use about 300 tags, and the tag system in Joplin is one of my favorite features. I organize my notes in alphabetical order, and I don't remember having such a problem.

Is there a change in the number of tags? For example, if there should be 20 notes in the a1 tag, is this number decreasing to 10?

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300 tags! :hushed:

What system do you use to organise that many?

Is there a change in the number of tags?...

Is there a way to view how many notes are associated with a given tag?

Yes, I use Joplin not only as a note-taking application but also to create an internet ecosystem. Having a large number of tags doesn't affect the system. After all, it's a straightforward system.

There should be a number next to the tags indicating the count. If you want, you can try the Remoods theme plugin. I use it, and I am very satisfied. Details are available in the Remoods theme thread on the forum.

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I know, but I'd certainly be inundated with 300 tags and not a good system to organise them! :joy:

Am new to Joplin, and will try to see if I can figure out the plugin for Android. Thanks!

I've been hopping around at least 5 different note-taking apps ever since the unfortunate demise of Evernote a couple of years ago.

Having 300 tags doesn't mean they have to be disconnected. For instance, you can have around 50 tags related to nature, like #nature, #nature: animals, #nature: plants, #nature: landscapes, and so on. The important thing is not the number but how you organize them.

Unfortunately, the plugins currently support only the PC version. If you want, you can open a feature request for this. But currently, the mobile version is a bit more limited compared to the PC version. For example, you can't edit tag names on mobile.

In my opinion, Joplin is the best note-taking application. Once you get used to it, I don't think you'll look for other apps. However, you should give yourself some time to learn it and use the forum when needed.

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I agree it's currently the best. Especially having tried at least 4 others, after the train wreck that was Evernote :joy:

But the tag feature on Android is really buggy for me. Besides the issue of persistent tags, I also occasionally have all tags go missing from a given note, or swapped between different notes as mentioned earlier.

I wonder if they are related issues.

I can suggest checking the synchronization in both the Android and PC applications or deleting and reinstalling both applications. It would be great if there were a video recording or log file.

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I don't have a video recording as of now. Will try to get a screenshot the next time it happens. But here's the log file (sorry, couldn't find the attachment icon for this forum).

Joplin log file (Android)

Getting the log file was great. From now on, it's in the hands of the top developers then. Maybe @muzak can help

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Hello. I started experiencing this issue as well. I would appreciate your contribution to the topic I opened.

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