Persistent tags

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but ticked tags seem to be persistent between notes for me.

So for example, when I tick tags A, B and C in Note 1, the same are already selected when I start Note 2.

This is AFAIK not the expected behaviour.

However, if you want an analysis by anyone, more information about your system and the version of Joplin is required.

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Using a Vivo phone flavoured Android (v13), device model Y33T. Joplin v2.12.3

After monitoring the problem for a couple of months, I think I can confirm that this happens occasionally for notes that are adjacent to each other in the "All Notes" view. Since mine is sorted by "Created date", I guess that means that tags are bleeding over from one new note to the next.

System and Joplin version info provided in previous post. Sorry, I'm new to this forum :grin: