The tag added Joplin application appears differently in the desktop Joplin application

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Joplin 2.14.17 (prod, win32)

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I'm experiencing an interesting issue. I have around 300 tags. When I consecutively add YouTube videos as notes to Joplin on mobile and assign tags, the desktop application displays different tags for those notes compared to the tags I assigned.

For instance, let's say I have tags "a, b, c...". I save my first note with the "a" tag on mobile. Then I save my second note with the "b" tag. However, on the PC, the first note appears with the "b" tag, and the second note appears with the "a" tag.

I don't think there was such a problem before the latest Joplin update. I'm looking for assistance related to this issue.

Thank you...

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It's kind of a mess, to be honest! I notice now it doesn't just happen between 2 notes, but sometimes the tags get swapped or go missing between 3 or more that were created close (in time) to each other.


I may have found a solution. Could you please try it out as well?

When you add a tag on mobile, don't exit the application; instead, go back to the tag adding screen. Even though you should have added a tag, you will see that no tag has been added. Add the same tag again and then exit the application. This way, the correct tag will be selected and it won't change. It seems to have worked for me, but I haven't tested it extensively.

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Not sure what you mean. How do I "go back" to the tags dialogue without first exiting the app? :thinking:

Hello. Briefly, I mean adding the same tag twice. It won't be there when you add it for the first time. But it will be there when you add it for the second time.