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After upgrade-ing to 2.14 from 2.13, and just after the launch of Joplin - - - BEFORE even getting the new Joplin version to start a sync, the following happened:

  • orange banner on top of the Joplin window saying "Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now"
  • clicking on view them now did no show any sync or other errors
    So the new version seems to discover sth "un-sync-able" in my profile, which v2.13 did not find or bother with.

What could this be ?
How can I get rid of this banner (if I don't care) ?

here is the text shown in the "view them now" printout:
b23567820c5cc84492c6f15da5f63aae.png (e085a7e9368848a4b26717aef5b8d032) could not be uploaded: Trying to encrypt resource but only metadata is present: Error: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/xxx/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/e085a7e9368848a4b26717aef5b8d032.png'. Path: /Users/xxx/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/e085a7e9368848a4b26717aef5b8d032.png Retry

The retry button doesn't fix the problem, nor does a re-start.
Is there a way to figure out which note does actually call up this png ? May be I could simply delete the note (even so I still do not understand why v2.13 did not identify the problem).

If you search for the resource id e085a7e9368848a4b26717aef5b8d032 it should give you the note that contains it

Hi there, I assume you mean search within Joplin (not in MacOS) ?
Neither the regular search field in Joplin not the goto anything command does find that note.

Would anybody know how to search for a resource ID in the notes (obviously not visible) ... other than going to each single note and selecting note properties. This method does obviously become useless beyond (depending on your patience) 20, 50, or 100 notes.

Just paste e085a7e9368848a4b26717aef5b8d032 or what ever the reference is into the search box. Any notes with the string in it (even as a link to a resource) will be shown. Works for me for any resource that is actually referenced in a note.

So it seems that none of your notes refer to this missing resource.

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That is what confused me. How can the initially mentioned error message come about
IF there is no resource calling up that ressource ? Could this be a (rare / minor) bug in Joplin ?

Do you have note history switched on? I am thinking that records for the file may still exist in the local database even though no note references it. My guess is that somehow an unused resource file has been deleted but any associated database entries have not. So upon start the local Joplin db tries to check/sync the file but it is missing.

Do you think it would be worth using the sync advanced setting to "Delete local data and re-download from sync target"? If the data on Nextcloud is correct then you will be pulling down a good copy that does not cause any error messages.

I had the same msg on my android, (synced via webdav on nextcloud)
I made a [fix search index] in the ->configuration->Tools
Then restarted the app and... voila: orange message gone
hopefully helpful :wink:

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