Option to prevent synchronization

I would like to have a Button, a Checkbox or a similar option to tell Joplin to not try to synchronize my notes now.

Use case:
If I’m on a trip and the target location is not available for the whole day (e.g. different network), I don’t want that Joplin tries to synchronize my notes every “few” minutes, because I already know that it won’t work. When I’m back how, I deactivate that option again to allow synchronization.

I already tried the option “Deactivate” for Synchronization Interval in the options menu. But it doesn’t behave as expected.

If this request exists already, please excuse me, because I can’t find it.


There’s currently no such option.

Am I allowed to open a request issue on github for this?

It’s a known issue so there’s a change there’s already an issue about this on GitHub. But I’m aware of it and would like to implement this some day.

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Could you link me to the issue?

As of Joplin desktop versions after 2.4.1 (Changelog) you can now go to the sync settings and select the option "None".

I just tried this and when I set the sync option back to what it was previously (Joplin Server), Joplin desktop had remembered the sync details.

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